John Travolta and Kelly Preston

The couple took Benjamin to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast over the weekend, where the tot was thrilled to see koalas and wallabies, while his famous parents chatted to other visitors.

Penny Ferguson, who was at the zoo with her two-year-old son Aidan – told The Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper: “My son was in the pram and I heard a woman ask her son if he wanted to look at the baby, so I turned around and saw Kelly Preston and her two-year-old son Ben walking towards me.

“I got Aidan out of the pram and Kelly asked me how old he was and then John Travolta told me my son was gorgeous, which completely made my day.

“When you become a parent it isn’t uncommon to chat and share advice with other random parents and their children – and this is exactly what this was like.”

Penny added the couple were “down to earth” and didn't seek any special treatment.

She said: “He was just so lovely and down to earth. He was making jokes about our little boys and he didn’t act like he was anything special.

“Afterwards I thought there were so many things I could have asked. But they were having a family day and we didn’t want to ruin that.”