Joan Collins
The former 'Dynasty' star spends most of her time in Los Angeles, but will be returning to the UK for the monarch's Diamond Jubilee celebrations in May because she is a huge fan of the royal family.

She said: "I will be in London for the queen's jubilee - I'm going to be a friend's house on the river and will be watching the celebrations. I'm a big monarchies and I love the queen.

However, she will not be enjoying the festivities later in the year when the Olympic Games come to the British capital city.
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-------------------She added: "Me? Watch the Olympics? No way. I'm not interested."

Joan recently revealed she thought of Duchess Catherine of Cambridge to be "flawless".

She said: "I very much like Catherine. What do we call her now? The Duchess of Cambridge sounds so old!

Can't we just call her Princess Catherine as they do in America? She has not put a foot wrong. She even looks like a princess. I think Prince William has done a great job and taught her what to expect. She is flawless in everything, her clothes, her smile, her attitude."