Jenny McCarthy stepping out with Donnie Walhberg

The new 'The View' co-host, who interviewed the New Kids on the Block star on her first day on the ABC series on Monday,  is thrilled her son, Evan, nine, has hit it off with her new boyfriend, who shares custody of his two children, Xavier and Elijah, with his ex-wife Kim Fey.

She told "[He's] nothing short of awesome [with my son]. It's too soon to actually give the biggest opinion in the world, but the one meeting has been great. [Donnie is] son-approved!"

Donnie appeared on 'The View' to promote his CBS series 'Blue Bloods' but Jenny moved his appearance forward to help her relax on her first day as Joy Behar's replacement.

She said: "He was supposed to do the show for 'Blue Bloods,' and I said, 'Can we just move it up a little bit? Because you make me feel comfortable.'

"I mean, I was like, 'What if I have a guest I don't click with?' I told him, 'I just want to make sure there would be someone there that makes me feel as good as you do.'"

She added: "One thing I love about the show is that it's so authentic. They don't give you much homework because everything really does come from a natural place. The Hot Topics, we don't know until like 20 minutes before we sit down. So you don't really have time to form an opinion, and then by the time you do, it's coming out of your mouth and you're going, 'Oh no! I didn't have time to realize that that was the dumbest thing to say.'"