Actress Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she does not envy either herself or actress Lindsay Lohan. In a new interview, Aniston, 41, was asked if she envied anyone.

'I don't envy myself. I don't envy Lindsay Lohan. Poor thing,' Aniston told the press.

The former Friends star also lamented that she doesn't get enough sleep, tends to over think things and she doesn't understand the appeal of reality TV at all.

The 41-year-old actress also revealed that she’s been mulling the idea of signing up for a Twitter account in order to keep the rumors under control.

Aniston said, 'I should just get a Twitter account just for rumor control because if I get one more phone call from my Mom going, ‘Jenny, I know you said you’d tell me if you’re pregnant or getting married, but Aunt Jean just called me.'