Friends threw early baby shower for Jenna Dewan

The 32-year-old actress will spend the next seven months in the UK while her husband Channing Tatum films 'Jupiter Ascending' and while the baby will be born in London, her pals wanted her to have a special day in Los Angeles before she left.

Among the host of lavish gifts she received were a stylish stroller and several cute outfits.

A source told Us Weekly magazine: "Jenna got everything from a swanky stroller to cute little socks. She was so thankful and happy for each one. She wanted to have the shower with her friends while she still could. There was lots of love in the room."

As her baby bump expands, Channing has been pampering Jenna and he admits no request is too much for his beautiful spouse.

He said: "I'm doing anything that she asks for. She jokes to me all the time by saying, 'If I feel good, then the baby feels good or if I'm happy, then the baby is happy.' And I'm like, 'That is such an urban myth. You're just saying that to get me to do everything for you.'

"I know it's probably true, but I like to joke about it and she hates it. I'll go to the store to pick up shakes or give her foot rubs to keep her happy and comfortable."