Jenna Tatum
The actress - who gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Everly, with 'Magic Mike' star Channing Tatum last week - has revealed she plans to be a working mum after landing a role in new US TV show 'Witches of East End'.

She said: "I got the TV show and found out I was pregnant at the same time. It's overwhelming, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

"I'll learn manage love, work and a baby all at once. It's a crash course. I think, 'How am I going to do all this?' I have no idea what I'm up against. But I'm as mentally prepared as I can be. It's an adventure!"

The 32-year-old beauty further revealed that her hunky husband was incredibly supportive during her pregnancy and despite their work respective commitments, they always put their relationship first.

She explained to Britain's Glamour magazine: "Most actors are consumed by career and getting ahead. Channing and I are ambitious, but our relationship comes first. We take it all day by day saying, 'OK, how can we make this work together?'

"Channing's been great. He just takes the route of no confrontation, just support, saying things like, 'What do you want to eat? I'm going to leave it up to you?' "