Sarah Jessica Parker said she sees resemblances between the zany rock star, Lady Gaga (above), and the eccentric character she plays in the tv show/movie, Carrie Bradshaw.

"She breaks all the rules; she's unconventional," Sarah Jessica Parker said of the comparison. "Well, that's extremely flattering."

Parker's co-star, Kristin Davis, who plays Charlotte York in the TV/film franchise, said "Sarah Jessica is always ahead,"

"We love Lady Gaga!"

Cynthia Nixon, who plays Miranda Hobbes said she one met Gaga. "And she is a big fan of our show."

"I didn't know that!" responded an enthusiastic Parker.

"I want to say one thing about Lady Gaga, which is, a year and a half ago, I was in an editing room working on a project and had already downloaded as much music of hers as I could onto my iPod. And she was not in the mainstream yet, and people [made dismissive comments when I'd play it], but I loved her," said SJP.

"The thing that I loved best about her recently was when she sat down at the piano at the Grammys and sang, and just played the piano," she marveled.

"And you could hear how lyrical her voice is. I really hope she does an album just of singing with the piano."