Kim Kardashian wedding photo by E! News

The Irish gave reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her new husband Kris Humphries a pretty weird wedding present last weekend. For some strange reason, according to TMZ the Irish were the nation with the most web searches for “Kim Kardashian Sex Tape”.

Between Friday and Sunday the site featuring the 2007 footage of Kardashian and her ex, Ray J, saw 2 million visitors. Ordinarily it only clocks up 300,000.
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According to Metro in the past Kardashian had said that the footage was not her proudest moment but she was hoping to put that image behind with the “Real Royal Wedding” her $11 million nuptials celebration with Humphries.

This week there’s also been rumors that the star was planning a second ceremony (that $11 million one just wasn’t enough) in New York. However the star tweeted “There are rumors of a 2nd wedding in NY. This is NOT true!! Our friends are throwing us a welcome to NY party!”

Currently Kardashian and Humphries are honeymooning on the island of Capri, off Italy.