Olivia Wilde on the set of 'The Longest Week' (FlynetPictures.com)
Irish American actress Olivia Wilde is currently in production for her latest film ‘The Longest Week,’ co-starring Jason Bateman. The film is set for release in 2012 and has been filming recently in and around New York City.

In the new movie, Wilde plays the role of Bateman’s love interest - the two were spotted lip-locking on set last week. Wilde and Bateman also starred alongside each other in the 2011 film ‘The Change-Up.’

Besides filming, though, the brunette beauty has popped up in recent news for commenting to Page Six on the explosive Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries divorce. On it, the recently divorced Wilde commented “I empathize. It's not easy. It's the hardest thing in the world. People judge you because divorce is seen as failure. [Kim] took a risk. No one should be attacking her. Our attention should be focused on things that are truly scandalous."

Later, though, after her comments gained some traction across media outlets, Wilde (@oliviawilde) tweeted: “I've never seen the Kardashian show. My point was that our collective brainpower is wasted on judging her. Let's end wars and feed people.”

Fair play to Wilde, who takes an active interest in politics and human rights organizations, most notably with Artists for Peace and Justice.