Lisa Pulley is an amazing woman, a chronicler of everything Susan Boyle and she has just written a note on the incredible amount of You Tube hits that Susan Boyle has racked up since hitting the spotlight.

Her numbers are below.

Thank you Lisa for keeping everyone informed.

My name is Lisa Pully and I have written to you before about keeping track of Susan Boyle's YouTube Hits. July 18th marked my one year of keeping track of Miss Boyle's YouTube Hits, I never in my dreams thought I would still be doing this "Hobby" as I call it. Its something I love to do and its my way of 'giving back to Susan', in letting her know that I support her fully.

As of Aug. 24th I have tallied up all of them again, and they are amazing numbers for sure! Here they are in eight categories now, with Susan's Newest Category being her 'Performances'.

Audition - 271,128,551
Semi-Final - 77,231,513
Finals - 34,526,340
BGT Tour - 2,442,491
Video Tributes - 13,543,824
Other Songs Sungs - 73,639,493
Interviews and News - 113,174,726
Performances - 2,828,333

Total - 588,515,271

How about them numbers! This to me shows that, Miss Boyle is still moving people around the world for them to keep coming back to see her videos! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop and read this.