Kate McKinnon, 26, an Irish American comedian from New York, has been channeling Snooki, star of "Jersey Shore," for her new act with the Upright Citizens Brigade.

"You try to be as brain-dead as possible," McKinnon told the Daily News about playing the much-mimicked and maligned Snooki (pictured). "You just try to feel so good about yourself when you have no reason to."

"She has a completely unsexy sexuality," says McKinnon, as she applies foundation in a "Deep Caramel" color. "She's a good girl — she's brazen."

She says several applications of kohl eyeliner around the entire perimeter of the eye and gobs of mascara are a must. More is the key.

"Snooki's got the soul of a princess in the body of an orange garden gnome," says McKinnon. To get orange, she applied more foundation. As in, she poured it all over herself. Then she applied lip gloss for pout-perfect lips. It took her three days to get all the foundation off.

To achieve Snooki's infamous "poof," McKinnon uses two wigs. "You really just need to put on a wig," says McKinnon of adopting the "Shore" persona. "She's already such a huge, crazy character."

"There's a quiet dignity to Snooki that I think people don't really appreciate," adds McKinnon with a wink.