Now Susan Boyle is selling pizzas as fast as they can make them.

Domino's British subsidiary is saying its profits jumped 28 percent in Britain last year, mainly thanks to Susan.

Domino's sponsored "Britain's Got Talent" and received a huge boost in return as Susan captivated the nation and indeed the world.

Chief executive Chris Moore said Susan was "The X-Factor."

"The unexpected outcome for 2009 was the 'Britain's Got Talent' sponsorship - year two of our three-year deal," he said.

"Of course the Susan Boyle effect really did boost audiences tremendously for us.

"It's difficult to pull out a figure and attribute that entirely to 'BGT,' but we did have a record week when we had the final, so it does have an effect on sales.

"But I think the main effect is that it raises the profile and the gravitas of the brand throughout the period the sponsorship is on."

Overall an additional 900,000 customers come to Domino's.

"Most of those people will have had a fantastic experience - they will have had a very hot pizza delivered in under 30 minutes," he said.

"I think that puts us in a very good position when the economic clouds start to lift."

And Susan deserves her slice anyway she wants it.