The former porn star - who goes by the name of Felony - admitted while the troubled 'Two and a Half Men' actor takes "very good care" of her and the prostitutes she supplies, they have never come close to the $30,000 he reportedly paid Kacey Jordan to attend a 36-hour party at his Los Angeles home recently.

She explained: "He likes a lot. He doesn't just like one, he usually likes to be surrounded by women. I've got him hundreds of girls over the years. I would let him pay my ladies and then they'd pay me. Charlie takes very, very good care of me.

"When I'd heard he'd given Kacey Jordan $30,000 I was surprised it was so much because we never got that much money. But I don't know what kind of relationship or negotiations they have in place. He was quite generous with us on a few occasions, but we've never received that much in one chunk."

Felony also revealed her girls had such a "good friendship" with the 45-year-old star - whose recent alcohol and cocaine binge landed him in hospital - that they even came up with passwords to keep their secret activities under wraps.

She added to "We had a really good friendship. When I started letting the girls go by themselves they'd come up with a secret password to be really cute and make the girls feel a little bit more comfortable.

"Sometimes he'd say, 'Chocolate whipped cream' for instance and the security guard would know to let him in."