Caroline Wozniacki and Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy’s former girlfriend Holly Sweeney insists she is still ‘good friends’ with the golfing superstar despite their very public split.

Sweeney told Irish television’s Saturday Night Show that she remains on good terms with the golfer, now dating tennis player Caroline Wozniacki.

She also revealed she doesn’t hold Wozniacki responsible for the break-up, admitted she knew something was up after his trip to Germany when he first met the tennis star and laughed that she got custody of their DVD collection while he kept the dogs.

“Why should I blame her?” asked Sweeney in her interview with presenter Brendan O’Connor.
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“We are friends, of course. We still talk. Why should I remember the six years that were fantastic for one last horrible memory?

“I am not going to speak ill of Rory, why should I ruin six great years with one bad memory?”

Holly added: “I took all the DVDs. He got to keep the dogs. It’s unfair for them to run around in an apartment rather than however many acres of land there is. I have visitation rights.

“They got their Christmas dinner so I got a little picture.”

A Belfast based student, Sweeney confirmed that McIlroy had a ‘crush’ on Wozniacki even before they met at a boxing match in Germany last year.

“He went to a boxing match with a couple of his friends and I didn’t really hear from him. I let him be because he was with his mates and having a good time and he came back and I got a little bit of a blank,” she revealed.

“I thought, ‘Oh no, something has happened here.’ We sat down and talked it through and it ended up we weren’t together at the end of that night.

“I had seen a tweet from McIlroy saying he had met Wozniacki while he was at the match. I didn’t really read too much into it. Why would you?

“It was just one wee tweet. It kind of niggled but it didn’t really play a big part. He watched the tennis all the time and that was his crush. I thought, ‘Right, OK, so they met each other, that’s fine.’”

McIlroy however ended their six-year relationship when he flew home from Germany.

Sweeney said: “He had his doubts again and, fair enough, I wasn’t going to stick around and make his life miserable, so I thought ‘Right, OK, I’ll do whatever makes you happy.’

“That’s what you do for love, even if it is heart-breaking.”

Currently unattached, Sweeney is on the look-out for romance. She joked: “I wish there was someone special in my life but no I haven’t found anybody. I just knock them straight back.”