The film series climaxes with a huge battle between titular wizard Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) and his Hogwarts co-horts against evil Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) and his followers the Death Eaters, and the actress says the special effects were so realistic, most of the cast were in shock.

 Emma – who plays Harry's friend Hermione Granger - said: "They put plugs in our ears to protect our eardrums, but you can still hear because you're so close to the bangs. There's this one scene where they detonated all of these bombs, like, right next to us. I was absolutely, genuinely terrified."

Rupert Grint – who plays another of Harry's sidekicks, Ron Weasley – agreed, comparing the set to a battle epic.

He told Empire magazine: "It turned into a bit of a war film. We all formed this army, the castle is on fire with rubble and bodies littered everywhere. It's shocking really, and they're all kids as well!"