The Hill blog is reporting that N.Y. Governor has met with top Democrats ahead of a potentially explosive expose from The New York Times.

The rumor mill is humming with details on the upcoming New York Times probe of Governor David Paterson of New York which is being reported by N.Y. Times journalist Danny Hakim.

Allegedly the story will find Paterson having intimate moments in closets in the Executive Mansion and his wife also being involved in separate affairs. There are also rumors of extensive drug use

In addition, there is talk that state troopers who discovered this activity were warned off the mansion residence and that they have talked to the Times.

The story, expected to run Wednesday is said to be so strong and so damaging that Richard Ravitch, the Lieutenant Governor, is set to step in because the revelations will undoubtedly force Paterson to resign.

State troopers seem to be key in these stories don't they?