Fox News personality Glenn Beck has been enduring a ratings slide for weeks now. By attracting only 1.7 million viewers on Friday, Beck hit a new all time low which is now 50 percent off of his peak audience of 3.4 million.

Beck pulled an all time low of 1.776 million viewers on Friday, marking a new low which has quickly turned into a free fall since January. At his peak, Beck could draw 3.4 million plus viewers a day.

Each week Beck starts strong on Monday, but he loses viewers on each of the following days of the week. Last Monday, Beck had 2.3 million viewers. By Tuesday, he had 2.1 million viewers. On Wednesday and Thursday, he had 2 million viewers, and by Friday he was down to 1.77 million viewers.

The root of the problem, critics say, remains Beck himself. Beck now fancies himself to be a political leader now and not an entertainer, they say. The problem is that viewers don’t really seem to like the new, serious Glenn Beck one bit.