The 'Glee' actress used to avoid intimacy with people before meeting her partner Lara Embry - who she tied the knot with last summer – but her spouse has changed her outlook on life.

Speaking about her new autobiography 'Happy Accidents', Jane said: “When I was getting to know my wife, Lara, we’d take walks in Runyon Canyon and I’d tell her how I'd used to go out of my way to feel alienated and avoid people. The woman Lara knows today is nothing like that – I’m now so open to connection and intimacy I surprise myself – so she said, ‘Why don’t we write these stories down?' "

As well as giving an insight into her marriage, Jane also hopes the book will let fans understand her 'Glee' alter-ego, bullying cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, a bit better.

Speaking to AARP the Magazine, she said: “That dark side made me quite the diva – not just intolerant but intolerable. Like Sue, I wanted nothing more than to belong to a group, yet I couldn’t help pushing people away.”


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