Jane Lynch
The 'Glee' actress was aware she was a lesbian from an early age but couldn't bring herself to tell her mother and father until she was 32, after talking about her fears with her therapist.

In an interview with TV talk show host Chelsea Lately, she said: "I was living the gay lifestyle prior to [coming out to them).

I was distanced from my parents. And I felt very, very separate from them.

“So I wrote them a letter pouring my heart out. But you're given a stamp and an envelope after you write it!”

However, Jane - who is now happily married to psychologist Lara Embry – had nothing to worry about because her parents were very accepting.
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She said: "This was now 12 years later from when I was 18 … their reaction might have been different if I was 18. They had heard of gay people at this point! They were great. They really embraced me."

Jane, 51, is very happy with Lara and has previously said she and their dog are the loves of her life.

She said: "Lara is the love of my life. And my dog Olivia. And my dog Olivia is also the love of Lara's life.

With Lara, I knew right away that she was very important, I got that rush on a soul level, and so did she, and we both looked at each other and almost had like a recognition."