Matthew Morrison
The 'Glee' star feels lucky to be alive after a terrifying near-death experience while trying out the extreme sport when the cord wrapped itself around his neck.

Asked whether there is anything the multi-talented actor can't do, he confessed to Britain's OK! magazine: "I'm not good at golf and I should be better at flossing my teeth. In fact, there are plenty of things. I like pushing myself and usually if I'm not good at something, I just won't do it because I'm a perfectionist. I tried kite surfing and I nearly died.

"The cord that goes around the kite somehow got wrapped around my neck, and the kite was going so fast and was dragging me underwater. I thought I was going to die. Eventually the kite dipped down in the water and released the tension on my neck. It was one of the scariest moments of my life."

Matthew - who has been dating singer Renee Puente for two years - also admitted he was terrified about losing his virginity because his father deliberately scared him off with stories of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and pregnancies.

He laughed: "My dad was a midwife. I grew up with him telling me about all these pregnancies. But he put me off sex for a long time, I was so scared! I think it was intentional, he'd come home with these vivid pictures of STDs and I'd be like, thanks dad!"