On Wednesday night “Glee” featured the music of mildly loony and always eccentric looking Lady Gaga.

Gaga was over the moon as she’s been a fan of the hit show began. She said to see her style and hear her music on the show as a dream come true.

Before the show aired she said “I love the cast and the creativity of the writers. I went to a musical theatre school and used to dream that someday the students would be singing my songs. Can't wait for 'Bad Romance' and 'Poker Face' in ‘Glee’ fashion!"

The cast of Glee (as you can see above) were also rocking some of Gaga’s most audacious styles. Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) wore a version of Lady Gaga’s famous Kermit the Frog dress while Heather Morris wore the famous lobster dress.

Morris said “It was such a chore to wear because I had to dance in it and it wasn't made for dancing… It took us 45 minutes to get it on and off every day. All I could see was what was directly in front of me."

It seems that the Lady Gaga inspired “Glee” episode has been the biggest success since the Madonna tribute which sky rocketed “Glee’s” “The Power of Madonna” straight to the top of the top of the US charts.

I can’t wait for the Susan Boyle episode, when supposedly she’s going to play the lunch lady. I wonder what the outfits will be like?