Matthew Morrison

The 'Glee' singer-and-actor was snapped up by the Maroon 5 frontman for his new record label and the pair have discussed joining forces on a song, despite having different musical styles.

While Matthew's new album, 'Where It All Began', is more jazz and blues inspired, Adam is best known for making thumping pop-rock songs with his band.

Matthew said: "We've certainly talked about [a collaboration]. Our styles and sounds are quite different but he loves my album so much and he's a big fan of that type of music. But you wouldn't think it because he's such a rock star."

Although he's used to being in front of the camera after playing glee club teacher Mr. Schuester for four years, Matthew insists filming his first music video was completely "different" to his usual work.

He explained: "They are so different but I love both. With 'Glee', you learn lines, you show up and you're good to go. But with a music video, you get involved with everything and it's a lot more personal."

However, the singer admits he relied on his 'Glee' connections when it came to shooting his music video so he could cut costs.

He added in an interview with Reveal magazine: "I pulled a lot of favours from 'Glee', luckily. We shot the video at some studios in LA and they have a famous set of a New York backstreet, so we used it. It's very expensive to rent out an actual NYC street, but they gave me the 'Glee' family discount which was good."