The ‘Amazing’ hitmaker asked fans to submit possible tracks he could cover as a gift to the royal couple, and has now chosen one entry, though he is refusing to reveal what it is.

Posting a series of clues on twitter, George wrote: “I think I've chosen a song for William and Kate. Suffice to say it's a beautiful song and it was never a single so chances are u don't know it. But I think it's a perfect fit. It was written in the seventies by a genius.

“Tell you what, I'll give u a clue that will really narrow it down to that handful of great love songs of the pop era. The first word of the title is ‘You’ (sic).”

Fans were quick to submit their guesses, an within an hour, George, 47, revealed someone had correctly named the track – but still refused to publicly say what he will be recording.

He posted: “Oh my giddy aunt, somebody already got it!!!”

The ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’ singer plans to record the song this week and is hopeful William and Kate will get to hear it before they marry at Westminster Abbey, London, on April 29.

He jokingly added: “I'm in the Thames valley today, but working on the track tomorrow . Hopefully done by Thursday. we have a mutual friend who i think will make sure it gets to them. That and the toaster. Bye all xxxx (sic).”

George has previously covered songs including Stevie Wonder’s ‘As’ with Mary J. Blige, and last month he released a version of electronic group New Order’s ‘True Faith’ in aid of charity Comic Relief.