It's official. Tom Brady's new longer locks are here to stay but his Facebook fans are not one bit pleased.

Tom Brady told NBC's Bob Costas, on Sunday, that he has no intention of cutting his hair. However nearly 50 Facebook fan pages and groups are now criticizing the Patriots Quarterback's shaggy hair.

Just some of the comments included:
-"Cut That Hair, Tom Brady"
-“Dear Tom Brady . . . be a man and stand up to your wife . . . AND CUT YOUR DAMN HAIR.”
-“Even Justin Bieber Is Mocking Tom Brady’s Hair”
-“Tom Brady Please Cut Your Friggin’ Hair”
-“Press ‘Like’ If You Think Gisele Does Tom Brady’s Hair Before Games.”

However it doesn't seem like Brady has much to fear. Most of sites only have under 100 fans so he should be safe for now.