Erin Andrews nailed the tango Monday night on "Dancing with the Stars," with a stunning display including an nerve-wracking jump and an incredible back bend.

How did Maks get her to jump?

A laughing Erin said, "He just kept telling me; 'C'mon woman, jump on me now'."

The judges were swept off their feet as well.

Carrie Ann gave her a 9, Len gave her a 10 and Bruno another 9.

"Classy and truly beautiful," gushed Carrie Ann.

"You dirty dirty girl, I absolutely loved it," said Len.

Bruno had the last hysterical word: "I never knew you could be so bendy," he said, "You were on fire."

Erin said she was determined to put last week's fiasco behind her.

"I needed a sick bag on stage," she said.

Maks admitted he was confused about what went through Erin's mind

"There's nothing I can do to help her get rid of her nerves," he said.

But once I get her done, he laughed, "She can go back to being afraid and never get lifted again."