ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews may be at home with 300 pound footballers and 7 ft basketballers, but one species that absolutely scares the bejaysus out of her are birds!

The “Dancing with the Stars” contestant told ET that a bad childhood experience put her off our feathered friends.

"That's what people don't know about me: I hate birds!" said Andrews. "Although I am wearing feathers this week."

"My mom had hanging plants outside of our house, growing up," continued the blond bombshell.

"And so the birds used to just make nests … [and the baby birds] would just start jumping out and they landed on the ground, and we would walk out to go to school and they would be dead, and it was like, 'Aaahhh!'"

Andrews and her dancing partner and rumored love interest Maksim Chmerkovskiy are set to dance a samba in tonight’s show.