Elton John is famous for his straight talk, and this week was no exception.

The 63-year-old singer songwriter has no time for reality stars and manufactured pop acts, and he doesn't care who knows it.

Kim Kardashian came in for particular criticism. "Who the f*** is Kim Kardashian?" John demanded. "Some stupid old tart from somewhere. Reality shows have killed talent."

John also blasted lip-synchers, saying that pop acts like that "should be shot."

"Go and see Take That or Westlife," he said, "and how much of that is live?"

"I know Gary Barlow can sing live, that solves that one. I think they genuinely do sing their stuff, but 99 per cent of the other f****** Herberts out there can't sing a note."

"The records I love are all about musicianship," he added, "when you put a bunch of musicians in a room together there's human soul, there's magic in there. That's not happening now."

He also questioned the ability of X Factor finalists. "Can any of them cut the mustard?" John scoffed.