There are some very strange reports coming out of Australia. Famous magazine have reported that Robert Pattinson has a girlfriend and it's not Kristen Stewart!

Apparently his girlfriend's name is Elaina Arora. According to the Australian magazine the couple, that's Pattinson and this Arora woman, had an argument via Twitter. This seems hard to believe as Pattinson doesn't even have a verified Twitter account.

The story gets even better. According to Famous, Pattinson also has a secret son. Guess what his name is?....Sham. How appropriate. Twihards across the globe have insisted that this imaginary child is just that, a sham.

Supposedly Pattinson was spotted with a mystery brunette woman in London last year and this was Arora.

It's not wonder that poor Kristen Stewart keeps her lips tightly shut about her relationship with Robert Pattinson. Having just being spotted walking down the street with an unknown brunette the story about Pattinson has snowballed into a secret girlfriend and son. Ridiculous.