Niall Horan pictured with Glenda Gilson
Could One Direction’s Niall Horan also have a thing for older women, like his fellow bandmate Harry Styles?

Rumors have been rife about Horan’s alleged relationship with Demi Lovato, but Horan could have his eyes on an Irish starlet.

During a recent interview with Irish model and TV presenter Glenda Gilson, the 19-year-old flirted his way through the conversation. The interview happened when Horan was home in Mullingar to celebrate turning 19.

When asked by Gilson, 31, if he had hooked up with any girls the night before, Horan replied, “No, I didn’t. You didn’t show up!”

Gilson later told Heat magazine the teenager had been texting her, trying to get her to join him.

“He’d been wanting me to go out, but I didn’t, as I don’t want to be the new Caroline Flack and be hated by every woman in the world. I refused to be that one.”

Curly haired Harry Styles briefly dated TV presenter Caroline Flack, 32, who was labeled a cradle snatcher for her relationship with the teen.

It seems Horan may share Styles’ attraction to older women. A source close to the One Direction star said he fancied the leggy brunette.

“He has the hots for her. He’d been having a few drinks with the band and, as the drinks flowed, he seemed increasingly determined to get Glenda out with him and his friends, but she was asleep at home!”

Check out Niall’s flirting skills in the video below: