Lindsay Lohan  

The divorced parents of Lindsay Lohan – who have been locked in a bitter war over how to deal with their troubled daughter – had dinner together at the W Hotel in Hollywood on Wednesday, where they agreed to attend family therapy sessions at Lindsay's rehab, the Betty Ford Clinic.
A source told RadarOnline: “Dina and Michael were talking nicely to each other and not fighting. There was no booze at the table.
“Lindsay’s parents finally were in the same room without the cops being called and that’s a good thing.
“Both of Lindsay’s parents have agreed to put aside all their old bad feelings and to be there together to make sure Lindsay is on the right track.”
Lindsay is currently undergoing 90 days of court-ordered rehabilitation treatment at the facility in Rancho Mirage, California, after pleading "no contest" to lying to police about driving during a car accident last June and while Michael believes she is doing well at the Betty Ford clinic, he wants her to transfer to the Lukens Institute in Florida.
The showbiz patriarch, who is engaged to Kate Major, said: "The whole family has come around her. The whole family is behind her. Even Kate is behind her. We all just want her to get better and she's going to. She comes to Lukens and I'm telling you now she is going to get better.
"This time more than other times I have a lot more faith in it and in her. I just know God is behind her this time.
"It's just enough is enough and she knows that. In everyone's life there comes that epiphany and I guess it's come upon her in some shape or form. It's time and I think she knows that."