Demi Lovato

'The X Factor' USA judge boasts a total of 13 inkings on her skin - most recently having lyrics from her new track 'Warrior' tattooed on her back - even though her mum strongly disapproves and can't understand how the body art can be meaningful.

She said: "My mum and I got into a huge fight when I got the birds on my arms, just because she has a different perception of tattoos than my generation does. And so it's hard to explain to her that it's like art for your skin and you don't have to draw it on every day.

"It's something that's meaningful. My mum and dad get so mad! When it's littler ones, my mum doesn't mind so much, but we got into a huge fight over this [pointing the butterflies on her forearm]."

Demi, 20, didn't speak to her mother for an entire day after their falling out, so her father takes the opposite route and tries to avoid mentioning her tattoos.

She told Heat magazine: "I went over to my mum's and I had it bandaged up, which probably made it look bigger than it was, so she just though id got a half sleeve or something! She didn't react well and I ended up leaving.

"It was pretty bad. My dad still, to this day, has not mentioned anything about my tattoo, which is pretty funny."

However, Demi does regrets many of her tattoos, especially a drawing of her friend's lips on her wrist and the words 'rock 'n' roll' and 'peace' on her fingers, and has even considered having laser treatment to remove them.