Last November, the 18 year old Disney channel star of ‘Sonny With a Chance’ checked herself into rehab for three months, citing severe emotional and physical issues.

Although rumors were flying at the time, Lovato only confronted the rumors during an April interview on ‘Good Morning America.’ It was then that she admitted to having both an eating and bipolar disorder; as a result, Lovato had been cutting herself over the years. She claimed that she was coming cleaned because she had been severely bullied as a child, and according to People magazine, “she wanted to work with kids to let them know, ‘I’ve been through it and I came out a stronger person.’”

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Lovato’s been out of rehab since January, and has been dating Wilmer Valderrama, 31. more commonly known as “Fez” from ‘That 70’s Show.’ Fez himself is more commonly known for dating Lindsay Lohan when she was a mere 17 years old. However, the two of them haven’t been publicly seen together since February, and there’s relationship is said to be over now, for reasons that have not yet been confirmed. Speculation, however, points to the quite obvious 13 year age difference.

According to Fox News, another reason for the change in Lovato’s love life could be the fact that her mother, Dianna Hart de la Garza, has entered herself into a treatment facility. Although now it’s believed that she is back with her family, it’s clear that de la Garza, a former Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleader, will need some time to treat herself. This could be quite a large change from the crucial, supporting role she had during her daughter’s stint in rehab.