Ireland’s most eligible bachelor has been snagged by love -- with a New Jersey girl who was the New Jersey 2008 Rose of Tralee.

TV presenter Daithi O’Se has confirmed the "special person" in his life is 2008 New Jersey Rose Rita Talty.

O’Se from Dingle in Kerry has become Ireland’s most eligible man after a career as a butcher, cook, circus ringmaster and now TV host.

Daithi is presenting this year’s Rose of Tralee event amid fevered speculation as to who his secret beau was.

Yesterday he went on radio to come clean.

"I started going out with a girl over the summer -- she started hounding me and I hounded her right back," he said.

"I have known her for a long time through the Rose of Tralee -- she was the New Jersey Rose back in 2008. That's when we became friends in the beginning and we have stayed in contact since then.

"She is living in (Dumont) New Jersey and we stayed in contact for the first year or so and after Christmas we met up once or twice in the States. I was working on a show (in the US) and we decided we would give it a go."

Talty works in her family bar business in Dumont, New Jersey.

"It's great to have someone so supportive at this time. It's great to have someone like Rita in my life at the moment -- very important and great for me because she understands what goes along with the gig of being a Rose. She has been through the whole thing and been through it from the other side.

"But she will be the first person throwing rotten tomatoes at me tonight," he laughed.

"No, seriously, it is great to have someone that supportive with you. To have someone like that with you, someone you don't have to explain that (pressure) to -- it is great."

He said long-distance romances had problems , but said he was in "a really happy place at the moment".

“She is someone very special and we're getting along together really well.”