Colin Farrell is " an irresistible sociopath" according to a New York Times reviewer of a book written by his ex-girlfriend Emma Forrest. The book is called 'Your Voice in My Head'

Writer Emily Gold writes that Farrell, who almost drove Forrest to suicide after they broke up "appears to be an irresistible sociopath, the kind of man lots of women will date eventually, though with the irresistible and sociopathic aspects dialed up a few notches because of his fame."

The definition of a sociopath is a person who has "a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience."
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Gold makes clear that the relationship between Forrest and Farrell almost ruined the young woman.

She writes "Forrest is falling, hard, for G. H., a major movie star (Farrell) who seems to have more than matched Forrest’s flair for drama. He writes her poetry, takes her on exotic vacations, sends her text messages constantly while on set, and FedExes her a dirty T-shirt that he’s covered in a verse invitation to meet him in New York.

He buys their imaginary future child a fluffy pink coat as they stroll through a picturesque Portuguese fishing village. He says things like “I would rather die than not knock you up.” And then, as quickly as he arrived in Forrest’s life, he leaves it — “I think I need space,” he tells her — threatening to undo years of Forrest’s and Dr. R.’s hard work.

It’s a testament to Forrest’s skill that we don’t see this breakup coming. Her descriptions of the affair are untainted by premonitions of doom, and even in describing its end she resists the temptation to portray herself as wronged or G. H. as outrageously callous.

She does show herself flailing — considering suicide again, texting G. H. pathetic missives to which he responds (if he responds) with robotic detachment — but she doesn’t wallow or condemn him.

Gold then makes the harsh comments about Farrell who soon moved on to other women after Forrest.