Chris Evans
The 'Avengers Assemble' star admits he has a slightly unhinged side and gets to indulge in that when he's outdoors with nature.

He said: "For a long time all I wanted for Christmas were books about outdoor survival. I was convinced that the woods were calling me.

"I swear to God, if you saw me when I am by myself in the woods, I'm a lunatic. I sing, I dance. I do crazy s**t. I camped a lot, I took classes. At 18, I told myself if I don't live in the woods by myself by the time I'm 25, I have failed."

Thanks to the success of his movie career, the 30-year-old heartthrob doesn't get to explore nature as much as he would like to and now gets his joy form acting.

He said: "I love acting. It's my playground, it lets me explore. But my happiness in this world, my level of peace, is never going to be dictated by acting."

He also revealed how he is very emotional and cries at everything.

He told Details magazine: "I weep at everything. I emote. I love things so much - I just never want to dilute that."