Charlie Sheen has splashed out on a $4.8 million mansion

The 'Anger Management' star already owns two homes in the exclusive Mulholland Estates gated community but recently bought  the Spanish villa-style home in the same estate, according to E! News.
Charlie paid $7.2 million for his first home in the area in 2006 and bought a second in 2011 for just under $7 million.

Generous Charlie recently gave troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan $100,000 to help pay off her hefty $233,904 tax bill and even though Lindsay didn't thank him until Charlie publicly complained, Lindsay's mother Dina says the pair are extremely close.

She said "Lindsay continues to feel an immeasurable respect and love for her dear friend Charlie Sheen. They have a deep bond and she has expressed privately her sincerest gratitude to Charlie for his immense generosity on her behalf. She and I are deeply appreciative for his kindest of gestures. Charlie you are a true gentleman."

Lindsay, 26, sent Charlie a bunch of flowers and a hand-written letter  in which she explained  to him that she didn't mean to be rude but couldn't contact him because she lost his number when her phone broke.

The former 'Two And A Half Men' star generously helped out his 'Scary Movie 5' co-star when he heard she was having financial difficulties after not being paid for one of her projects but Charlie admitted he was unimpressed that she accepted money from him but didn't acknowledge it.

He said: "She got shorted and I found out, so I said: 'Here'. I'm still waiting for a text to say 'Thank you'. Anything you know?"