Charlie Sheen
The 46-year-old actor lost his job on ‘Two and a Half Men’ after taking aim at the show’s executive producer, Chuck Lorre, and some of his co-stars in a series of highly publicized outbursts last year.

But 12 months on and with a new show of his own set for release, Charlie believes people haven't bothered to remember why he was so riled up in the first place.

He said: "No one seems to want to remember, they all talk about 'tiger blood' and 'winning' and everything. But no one talks about what I was so upset about.

"They just want to talk about the special effects of it all. I won't get into it now, but people need to review what started it all.

“The reason I stayed on it with such vitriol was … one thing: No one is above common courtesy. It's part of my code. Some people put themselves way above common professionalism."

Charlie is now set to debut his new series, ‘Anger Management’ in June and has high hopes for its success.

He told People Magazine: "I'm excited as hell, and I don't get excited about a lot of stuff. Children's births.

Game sevens. ‘Anger Management’ … The dialogue is really smart. I have a prison group on the show that is going to blow your mind.”

Explaining his approach to the new project, he added: "I wanted to create an environment to work in that was what my dad [Martin Sheen] called a playground of the imagination, you know? So I didn't have that for a long time. I was working in what I call the quagmire of oppression. I just knew that whole time that this process can be fun."