Channing Tatum
The actors bonded on set of ’21 Jump Street’ so quickly that even their co-stars picked up on the blossoming friendship, including hip hop icon Ice Cube.

The 42-year-old former N.W.A star jokes: "White men love bro-mances, man. They are very into it. God bless them. Hopefully they'll be happy together.”

Phil Lord, who co-directed the remake of the 80s series, also spotted the chemistry. He laughed: "They love each other – they have a for-real romance."

Channing, 31 - who is married to actress Jenna Dewan - admits he loves his new friend’s ability to “get away with just about anything.”

He told People Magazine: "I've never met anyone like Jonah that can go in and literally win an entire room.
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"It's like he could punch somebody in the face and somehow he would keep him laughing about it – he's like, 'It's fine. It's fine. I just punched you in the face. It's cool. Don't even worry'. And they would just laugh about it."

However, 28-year-old Jonah – who recently starred alongside Brad Pitt in ‘Moneyball’ – doesn’t quite agree.

He said: "I can't do that – I'd get beat up!”

His favourite characteristic of Channing’s is his easygoing nature. He explained: "I was actually on the ‘Tonight Show’ today, and some reality-show woman saw Channing on a plane and she said, 'I think Channing's mad at me because I tweeted he was on the plane’. And I was like, 'That's not true, because I've never seen Channing be mad at anybody'."