Patrick Kielty & Cat Deeley

The 36-year-old 'So You Think You Can Dance' host tied the knot with comedian Patrick Kielty in Rome, Italy, last October, and found it surprisingly easy to keep their nuptials a surprise.

She told "The way I was able to keep my wedding so secret is we called it my 40th. So that was the code word: 'Have you invited them yet to the 40th,' 'Have you received a reply about the 40th,' 'Have you booked the food for the 40th,' we just kept it really, really quiet.

"My husband is Catholic so we got married in a Catholic church in Rome, we did it really, really quickly, so there was no hanging around and that was it. There were only 60 people there, friends and family, and we just had a giant feast in the garden, with lots of wine, lots of singing and lots of dancing till 4 a.m. It was the best party ever!"

The British presenter recently revealed that her nickname for her husband, 42, is "stupid."
She explained: "I kind of call him 'Stu'. And he was really excited about it actually. And he thought it was because of like an Irish stew, but it's actually because it's 'Stupid.' "