Casey Anthony
America’s most hated woman, Casey Anthony, has apparently gained a heap of weight since she was acquitted of the murder of her toddler daughter Caylee. According to RadarOnline she’s hiding in plain sight down in Florida as no one would even recognize her with those extra pounds.

A source apparently told them that Anthony “hasn't needed to wear a disguise because of the physical transformation. Casey is finding comfort in food and she is clearly eating a lot."

They said Anthony has taken to watching DVDs and getting takeout to pass the time, instead of going out.
“She is very careful to not linger anywhere when she does and tries not to make eye contact with anyone,” they added.

Currently Anthony can’t leave Florida as she’s serving out her probation for cutting bad checks. Once she’s clear of the courts, apparently she’s going to flee to Costa Rica.

The source said “Casey is counting the days until her probation ends. She has been researching countries that she could move to and Costa Rica is at the top of the list…Casey wants to live in a warm tropical setting and the cost of living is extremely low in Costa Rica. She wants to put as much distance as possible from Florida. Costa Rica appeals to her because Americans are warmly embraced by the locals, and she feels this is the best place to start a new life."