Mark Wahlberg photographed at his Hollywood star with his wife and family

The 'Broken City' actor - who has children Ella, nine, Michael, seven, Brendan, four, and Grace, three, with wife Rhea Durham - is proud of his "nice" family but admits they have mischievous streaks, though they always manage to make him laugh, even when he's in pain.

He said: "Of course they're nice kids - but my four year old always tries to punch me in the nuts.
"Sometimes he gets me when I'm not looking and it really hurts.

"Then again, when I see him, I can't help but laugh and that's the best medicine. Everyone should laugh and smile a bit more."

Mark recently found himself in trouble with his wife when she discovered he had let his sons shoot one of his friends with a paintball gun.

He recalled to Red Bulletin magazine: "My sons are obsessed with paintball guns and they asked me if they could shoot somebody. I said no, but I have a friend who's been in a couple of movies where he takes real punches. He's very tough. So they went, 'Can we shoot him?' I said, 'You'll have to ask him.' He said yes and we started shooting at him.

"We were dying laughing and we got it on video and kept watching it. Until my wife found it. She was so upset with me. I got yelled at no end. I was in the dog house for a long time."