Rose Byrne

The 33-year-old actress - who starred in the 2011 hit comedy 'Bridesmaids' - has a obsession with searching her own name on the internet, even though she has made promises to herself not to trawl the web for the latest news about herself.

Speaking to Manhattan magazine, Rose said: "I make a concerted effort not to do them [Google searches], but of course, I have to - I'm human. We all Google ourselves."

The addictions don't stop there for the 'I Give It A Year' actress as she claims she's never really been into technology but can't seem to drag herself away from her new iPhone.

She explained: "I'm not a tech-y person. I had a basic cell phone for years, but then it broke, and I just got an iPhone. I'm a little bit obsessive-compulsive - I can get on the computer and just not get off."

Rose was born and raised in Sydney but set up home in New York after her film career took off but believes Australia will always be a big part of her life.

The actress - who stars in upcoming comedy 'The Internship' with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson - said: "Australia is my emotional home, but New York is my second home. I feel like myself in the city, and that's all you want from a place. It's an achievement to have found that. But we Australians are wandering people, aren't we?"