Bradley Cooper

The modest actor believed he was being pranked when he took People magazine's annual title in 2011 and he still isn't sure what makes him the world's hottest man.

Bradley told the Daily Mail newspaper: "They called, and I actually thought it was a joke. There's nothing in it at all. I mean, look at me!"

Channing Tatum is rumoured to have already been chosen as the sexiest guy of 2012 and looks set to steal the title from reigning champion Bradley.

'The Silver Linings Playbook' star says he let fame go to his head when he first gained notoriety working on TV show 'Alias' in 2001, but quickly managed to lose his big ego.

Bradley explained: "I was 25, and there was something gratifying about someone you don't know, knowing you. The whole idea of fame could absolutely fill a void if you let it in. Luckily I was young."
Nowadays, the 37-year-old actor still can't believe his luck and the privileged jet-setting lifestyle he leads.

Bradley said: "I still can't believe it when I'm somewhere like London - it's a joke."