Peaches Geldof and her fiancé, Thomas Cohen
Yet another romantic tale of wedded bliss is headed our way with the news that Irish rocker/Africa activist Bob Geldof’s daughter, Peaches, 22, is going to march up the aisle for a second time with her latest guy, a musician named Thomas Cohen.

Peaches, who was married for a few minutes when she was still a teen, showed off her guy, and her bling, at the premiere of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in London on Monday night.  In fairness to her, she looked quite well – much better than in recent years when she was plagued with drug troubles and a party girl reputation.  (Although she’s had another problem of late, shoplifting – she was accused in October of thieving more than $100 worth of cosmetics from a Boots drug store in London.)

Peaches, who’s trying to make a name for herself on TV as . . .um . . . we’re not quite sure . . . says she’s not going to say I do just yet.
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“Yes, I'm engaged! We don't want to get married for a couple of years yet though so don't expect me in a dress yet. I'm so happy,” she told the Sunday Mirror.

Her crazy party animal days are a thing of the past, she says. “I’m actually really boring. Recently, I’ve been staying in with my fiancé every night of the week, watching films like Babe,” she volunteered.

Meanwhile, daddy Geldof is thrilled that Glee is covering his iconic holiday song, “Do They Know It’s Christmas,” the star-studded fundraiser for Africa that kicked off Geldof’s global push for fairness for Africans.

“The reverberations of this little song continue down the long 26 years since Midge Ure and I wrote it. It could not be more timely now that Glee, with its vast global audience of young people, re-introduce it to a whole new constituency who are probably unaware of the great tragedy unfolding amongst the hungry, poor and dying of Somalia as a result of drought and a bitter and pointless civil war,” Geldof said.

Proceeds from the sale of Glee’s version of the song will go towards Geldof’s Band Aid Trust charity to end famine in East Africa.