Kim Kardashian left another bride in tears when she could not enter her own pre-wedding party in Santa Barbara because of security around the Kardashian nuptials.

Karashian was staying at the Four Seasons hotel where the other bride was also staying.

The security was so strict that the other bride was kept out of he own pre wedding bash.

“My good friend is paying a fortune to have her wedding here tomorrow and she was not even allowed in the bar where her whole wedding party was having a party!” a friend of the bride told

“She tried to get into the bar where her wedding is taking place tomorrow and she was blocked by security because Kris Humphries had just walked in. A bunch of bodyguards blocked her from coming in and she ran up to her room in tears!

"At first, as a wedding guest, we all thought it was cool that the Kardashians and all these celebs are here, but now we realize it’s just ruining our friend’s wedding! It’s not cool at all. This is not right, and something needs to be done about this. I know our other friends were complaining to the Four Seasons general manager trying to get the bride in the bar to hang out with us, but as of now, she is still in her room crying.”