Rock star Adam Lambert and Glee actor Jane Lynch attended a concert in support of gay marriage recently hosted by Sir Elton John.

Sir Elton perfomerd at a concert last Wednesday in support of the American Foundation for equal Rights (AFER), a group which is aims to challenge the ban on gay marriage in California.

The 90-minute concert help raise more than $3 million for the group according to reports.

Speaking at the concert Adam Lambert said that gay marriage was a civil rights issue.

“This is beyond morality and this and that. You know our country makes many of its other decisions based on these ideals, and then all of the sudden when it comes to the gay and lesbian community we're reverting back into, 'Well religion and sanctity.' You know what? Separation of church and state – gotta keep that going,” he said.

Jane Lynch, who married her partner Dr Lara Embry in Massachusetts told the AP that she would love to be married in California, but the couple are only recognized as domestic partners in CA.

“We would love to be married here in California,” Lynch said. “We also would love for it to be national.”