The unmarried U2 member Adams Clayton has finally become a father.

The Sunday Independent newspaper has revealed that 50-year-old Clayton, for years the bad boy of the group, had a child with his French girlfriend last year.

He is said to be over the moon.

Clayton was the bad boy best known for his rocky relationship with supermodel Naomi Campbell.

In more recent times it was revealed that his long-time personal assistant had allegedly been ripping him off.

Those bad times seem to be behind him now and the U2 bassist is looking at a more settled life with his new addition.

It took a while.

"I think one of the great things about bands is that they allow you to be irresponsible for longer -- whether or not in the end that's a really healthy position to take," Adam told Q Magazine in 2001.

"I guess I've been lucky in that I f....d about until my mid-30s and now I can have more of a balanced outlook. I think not having a family and kids, I know what I need."

He was a wild child.

Bono once stated that "we lived through him vicariously for a few years. I was hoping that he'd do something like buy a yacht and we could all hang out on it. Because all of us were too embarrassed."