What an old softy? The dashing Robert Pattinson, star of "Water for Elephants" and "The Twilight Saga" has told Heat magazine that he want a "private" and "intimate" wedding. I hope he's told Kristen Stewart!

I'm sure the laid back and ultra-cool Kristen isn't going to go all out on a Kardashian-style shindig anyway when and if that time comes for the "Twilight" couple but needless to say she's a lucky gal.
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Pattinson told the British magazine "I would want it to just be family and close friends, not somebody I’ve said hello to once at an awards ceremony...It’s not exactly my style to fly in 500 different celebrities from around the world. My best friends now are the same best friends I had before everything got a little crazy.”

I can't wait to see the photos but for now we'll have to do with the "Breaking Dawn" wedding of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.