50 Cent and Wayne Rooney
The rapper and actor believes he and the Manchester United soccer player could make £1billion together with a restaurant chain and a clothing empire.

He told the Daily Star: "I'm a big fan of Wayne Rooney, he's a brand. I want to become business partners with him. European soccer is a big business and there's money to be made with top players.

"I've met Wayne and he's a great guy. He's one of the top soccer players in the world and has a lot of years left in his career."

The 36-year-old thinks he and Wayne, 26, could make plenty of funds from the night life industry too.
He said: "I am all about making money and I know my man Wayne is as well.

"The possibilities are endless. Restaurants in Europe, clothing stores, nightclubs. Making millions is cool, but making a billion is better, and Wayne knows it!"

50 Cent has even invited the footballer as well as his wife Coleen and son Kai to visit him in Florida.

He revealed: "When Euro 2012 is over I've invited Wayne and his family to stay at my place in Miami.

"Nobody will bother them or take photos of them over here. My people will make sure of that."