Mark Wahlberg & his wife Rhea Durham

While the 35-year-old actor was shooting '2 Guns' in New Mexico, he asked his wife Rhea Durham to accompany him to the city but to avoid the set because he feels uncomfortable working in front of her.

He said: "I get very shy working in front of her. I'd worry about what she thought."

However, his children are a different story and Mark has asked Ella, nine, Michael, seven, Brendan, four and three-year-old Grace to be in his forthcoming blockbuster 'Transformers 4'.

He told Us Weekly magazine: "All four of the kids are going to be in the movie. They're excited."

Rhea recently admitted going to the gym with her spouse leaves her feeling nauseous.

She said: "He normally makes me throw up or cry. I can't do his workouts, but I try."

Although she can't handle Mark's regime, Rhea is always impressed by her husband's stamina and she can't believe the amount of pull-ups and sit-ups he does to maintain his super-ripped physique.

She added: "Really, the stuff he does with his own body weight is the toughest ... the pull-ups!"